Adding pages to a form

There are two types of pages that can be created in XFP, shared and form specific pages. Shared pages can be used on more than one form whereas form specific pages can only be used on the form that they were created in. The different page types are covered in more detail in the section working with pages.

No matter how the page has been created we can use it more than once on our form. For example we may have a shared form page that has questions for collecting personal details. We can add this page to our form to ask questions about the main customer, and we can reuse the same page later in our form to collect details about the customers' partner.

To do this we have to maintain a list of pages that can be used within the context of our form. We can add a new page to this list at any time.

Adding pages to the form context

  1. If you don't already have the form open, begin by finding your form in the form list and click on the title to open the form.

  2. From the Pages tab, click Add Page. Here you will be presented with two options, Use Existing Template and Create New.

    Add page options

    If you choose Use Existing Template you will be able to search for an existing page to add to the form context. Type in the name of the page you want to add and when it appears in the drop down list click on the name to select it.

    Add page template popover

    Now click Add Page Template to add the page to the form context.

    If you choose Create New you will be taken to the Create New Page designer where you can build a new page. Once the page has been created click Return to Form Structure to return to the form structure page.

    Return to form structure button

  3. The page will now appear in the pages section on the left hand side.

    The pages within the form context

Adding a page to the form structure

Once you have pages within the context of your form, you can add the pages into the form structure. If you don't have any pages listed in the Pages section on the left hand side you will need to add a page to your form context, see Adding pages to the form context.

  1. To add a page to your form, click and hold the left hand mouse button on the page you want to add and drag it onto the form structure. Here you will be given options on where to place the form, before, after or as a branch from a page depending on where you position the mouse cursor. Let go of the mouse to drop the page into the form.

    Drag drop page on to the form

  2. After dropping the page you will be given the chance to change the title of the page and the instructions. Type in a new title and some new instructions if you wish.

    Editing the page title and instructions

  3. Click Save to finish adding the page your form.

Some component types require additional settings to be entered when adding a page to the form structure. For example the ESRI LocatorHub integrated components allow properties to be filtered by a field in the return data. The field and the value are set when adding the page to the form context. Details on what settings can be applied to each component can be viewed in the section Integrated components.

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