Creating page level branches

XFP forms can have different user journeys setup through them.


  1. To create a new branch within your form drag the page onto the form structure diagram and drop the page over a 'Add as a branch from [page title]' drop zone.

  2. After you've given the page a title and some optional instructions text, click Next.

    Adding a page

  3. You will now be shown the page branching rules setup screen, choose one or more when conditions and click Save to setup the new branch.

    Branching rule

All paths through the form will end at the review page to allow the customer to review their responses before submitting.

Branching rule

Page level branching conditions

When setting the condition in the branching rule you can choose to branch on any question that has been answered on any page prior to the point in the structure that you are inserting the branching rule. Alternatively, you can branch on:

  • the value of a form logic
  • the current day, time or date
  • whether a particular page has been visited
  • whether the submission is being made by a signed in customer, anonymous customer or administrator
  • the submission channel

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