Page setup options

Some components require an input in order to function.

For example, this may be a UPRN so that the component can get data for a specific property. Alternatively, it may be a validation routine to apply to customer entered input.

When adding a page that contains such a component into the form structure, you will see further section along side the setup of the title and instructions text of your page. This section is called Page Setup.

In the Page Setup section, you will see fields for each input required by questions on the page.

Some fields will provide their own list of options, whilst others with showing XFP's mapping selector.

You must complete all of these fields before you can continue.

Note that some fields may have no options. If this is the case, the page is not in a suitable location, and cannot be added. An example where you may see this is a page containing a Bartec - Bins at Property integrated component. This component requires a UPRN. Therefore you can only add this page to the form if a previous page has an address lookup question on it.

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