Adding a question to a page

Most pages in your form will have at least one question. When in the page builder, adding questions can be done in one of two ways.

Option 1: Drag & Drop

Let's say we want to add a text field to our page. We just click & drag Text Field from the toolbox of page elements on the left, into the structure of the page on the right hand side, and then let go of the mouse button. You can drop a question in one of two places:

  • any shaded area labelled 'There are currently no questions' - this is the case when you're adding the first question to a page or section.
  • above or below any page elements already on your page. To do this, just drag and hold the new element over the existing one, and you'll see areas appear above and below that element that you can then drag into.

Once you drop the question, the left hand panel will change to reveal the settings for the question. Each page element has different settings.

For more information on the different page elements see Page elements.

As a minimum, you'll need to provide some question text, which is the label the customer will see next to the text field. You can also play around with the other settings, for example applying validation or setting help text.

When you're finished setting up the question, click Add Question. The preview of your page will update to show your new text field, and the settings pane will close. You will now see the page element toolbox once again, so you can more questions to carry on building your page.

Option 2: Without Drag & Drop

It is also possible to add questions without having to drag elements from the toolbox. This can be done by simply clicking on an element in the toolbox. It will then expand, and provide a dropdown of all sections currently on the page. Select the one where you wish to add the question, and click Add. The question will be added to the bottom of this section, and the settings pane will open on the left. Complete the settings pane and click Add Question to finish adding the question to your page.

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