Page elements

Page elements should be thought of as the building blocks for pages. Some are traditional question types, such as text fields and drop downs. Some are more advanced questions that may require additional integrations being enabled, such as address lookups or event booking.

There are also some page elements that aren't questions for customers to answer, such as text blocks and sections.

All elements will require some settings adding when you add them to your page. In this section of the manual, we'll discuss each element in detail, describing its settings and behaviour.

Limitations with Page Templates

Jadu recommends that page templates do not exceed 100 page elements (Questions, Sections, Repeatable Questions and Questions within a Repeatable Question). Exceeding this will degrade the performance of the page template and can result in issues saving the page template due to exceeding the database storage limits used to save the structure of the page template.

You may find that it is easier to maintain smaller page templates and use page level branching instead of in page branching within the template. If you need advice on how to structure your page templates and forms please contact Jadu.

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