Repeatable questions

A repeatable question is, like a page section, a container for more questions. However, repeatable questions allow customers to answer the fields inside them multiple times. Each time the fields are answered, the repeatable question will add a row to its summary table.

When the customer has completed as many rows in the repeatable as they need, the summary table gives an overview of the data entered. It is also possible for the customer to remove rows from the summary table, or to edit any rows they've added.

Adding a repeatable question is very similar to adding any other page element - just drag it from the page element toolbox and drop it in place on the page.

The settings pane will open as usual on the left, with the following settings:

Name Description
Question text The label of the repeatable question
Requires answer Does the question have to be answered? If so, how many rows must be provided?
Limit number of answers Is there a maximum number of rows that can be added?
Button label Defaults to 'Add Row', but can be made more context specific, such as 'Add Job' or 'Add Item'
Help text Text displayed under the question to guide the customer as to how to answer it
Show internally If enabled, this question will be shown on internal forms
Show publicly If enabled, this question will be shown on online forms

Once you've configured your repeatable question, click Add Repeatable. The settings pane will close, and the preview will update to show your repeatable question.

The repeatable question in the preview will contain a shaded area labelled 'There are currently no questions...'. You can now drag page elements into this area to add them to the section. Repeatable questions support all page elements apart from other containers (sections and repeatables).

Updating a repeatable question

Repeatable question can be updated in the same way as questions - just click on them in the preview. It is best to click the heading bar of the repeatable question, to avoid accidentally editing a question inside the repeatable question instead.

Removing a repeatable question

Repeatable question can be removed in the same way as questions - click on the repeatable question to edit it, and then click Delete in the settings pane. You will need to confirm this in the subsequent popover before the removal will take place.

NOTE Removing a repeatable question removes all nested page elements inside.

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