Page sections

A section is essentially a container for more questions. Of course, your pages already have one section, which is the main body of the page.

Sections have to main applications:

  • to add questions under a sub-heading, giving questions more context
  • to show and hide questions based on a certain condition (see Hide/show section on a condition)

Adding a section is very similar to adding any other page element - just drag it from the page element toolbox and drop it in place on the page.

The settings pane will open as usual on the left, but with some slightly different settings:

Name Description
Title The label of the section
Show title Whether to show the title on the page e.g. as a sub heading in the page
Show section Allows the section to be hidden based on a certain condition

Once you've configured your section, click Add Section. The settings pane will close, and the preview will update to show your section.

The section in the preview will contain a shaded area labelled 'There are currently no questions...'. You can now drag page elements into this area to add them to the section. Sections support all page elements, so you can put sections inside other sections if you wish.

Updating a section

Sections can be updated in the same way as questions - just click on them in the preview. It is best to click the heading bar of the section, to avoid accidentally editing a question inside the section instead.

Removing a section

Sections can be removed in the same way as questions - click on the section to edit it, and then click Delete in the settings pane. You will need to confirm this in the subsequent popover before the removal will take place.

NOTE Removing a section removes all nested page elements inside that section too.

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