Event booking

What is it?

A calendar, where the customer can choose a time slot. This requires integration with Office 365, as this is used to store the bookings. More information on using bookings functionality can be found in Bookings.

When should I use it?

When you need the customer to pick a date/time for something.

Example scenarios

'Please choose a time for us to collect your bulky items'.


Name Description
Question text The label shown next to the question
Calendar The calendar in Office 365 to use for storing the bookings
Event booking slot configuration The configuration to use for bookings. See Booking configuration
Required Does the question have to be answered?
Help text Text displayed under the question to guide the customer as to how to answer it
Show internally If enabled, this question will be shown on internal forms
Show publicly If enabled, this question will be shown on online forms

Additional information about using Event Booking functionality can be found in the Bookings chapter of this guide.

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