File upload

What is it?

A question that allows the uploading of one or more files. By default, this will be a drag/drop area where customers can drop files. Alternatively, customers can click the area to open a file chooser. If JavaScript is disabled, a standard file upload control will be displayed.

When should I use it?

File upload questions are useful when you need the customer to upload a document or photo to attach to the form.

Example scenarios

'Please upload your CV' or 'Please provide a photo of the issue you are reporting'.


Name Description
Question text The label shown next to the question
Required Does the question have to be answered?
Help text Text displayed under the question to guide the customer as to how to answer it
Show internally If enabled, this question will be shown on internal forms
Show publicly If enabled, this question will be shown on online forms
Restrict Number of Files What's the maximum number of files that can be uploaded?
Restrict Allowed Types Should the field only allow certain file types?

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