Integrated components

What is it?

A question that pulls in data from an external source. This question can consist of multiple fields, following a step by step process. Customers answer the first field, and lookup their answer to populate the next step.

When should I use it?

Integrated components should be used for collecting customer answers based on data pulled in from an external system.

Example scenarios

'Your address' - Address data will be pulled into the component from a third party address service. The customer will enter their postcode in the first step. XFP looks this up, and provides the customer with a list of addresses at the postcode, so they can select their own.


Name Description
Question text The label shown next to the question
Type The type of integrated component - is it address lookup, street lookup or something else?
Required Does the question have to be answered?
Help text Text displayed under the question to guide the customer as to how to answer it
Show internally If enabled, this question will be shown on internal forms
Show publicly If enabled, this question will be shown on online forms

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