What is it?

A table of x rows by y columns, where each cell contains a text field. Row and column headings are configurable. It is also possible to add a total row, to add up values entered in each numerical column.

When should I use it?

When you need the customer to provide lots of similar information in a number of categories.

Example scenarios

'Your income details', 'What do you receive in benefits?'.


Name Description
Question text The label shown next to the question
Required Does the question have to be answered?
Help text Text displayed under the question to guide the customer as to how to answer it
Show internally If enabled, this question will be shown on internal forms
Show publicly If enabled, this question will be shown on online forms
Columns Allows addition of multiple columns, by specifying the heading, type (text or number) and any prepend e.g. £ for each one
Rows Allows addition of multiple rows, by specifying the heading for each one
Show summary row If enabled, the matrix will have an additional row where all number columns are totalled (requires at least one number column)

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