Text area

What is it?

A simple text area, labelled with some configurable text

When should I use it?

A text area should be used when you expect an answer of more than a few words from the customer.

Example scenarios

'Please tell us about your experience' or 'Details of your complaint'.


Name Description
Question text The label shown next to the field
Dimensions How many rows and columns to show in the text area (may be overridden by your site styling)
Use validation Whether to apply validation to the field, e.g. alphabetic or integer
Restrict answer length Set an upper limit on the number of characters that can be entered
Required Does the question have to be answered?
Default answer The value to initially display in the field, that the customer can then modify
Placeholder text A hint to display in the field, so the customer knows what to enter
Help text Text displayed under the field to guide the customer as to what they should enter
Set input purpose Set an input purpose to assist browsers in autofilling the question. See Setting the input purpose of a question for more information on this setting
Show internally If enabled, this field will be shown on internal forms
Show publicly If enabled, this field will be shown on online forms

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