Updating a shared page

By default, pages in XFP are shared across the server, so they can easily be reused on multiple pages. If you would prefer not to share a page, see Creating a form specific page.

Shared pages also make it quick and easy to roll out small changes across multiple forms, because changes to a shared page are reflected wherever the page is used.

Editing a shared page can be done in the same way as editing any other page - just load it into the page builder by:

  • clicking Edit on a page within the form context i.e. on the Pages tab
  • clicking on a page in the page templates list view.

When opening a shared page in the page builder, XFP will display a warning banner at the top of the page, showing that the page is used in multiple forms. You can click the link in this banner to see exactly where the page is used.

Workflow and approval of changes

Some changes that can be made to shared pages may potentially cause adverse effects for forms where the page is used. For example, a particular question may be being sent to CXM on a certain form, but someone may want to delete the question from the page to suit their own form.

Because of this, XFP requires that any change to a shared page is submitted through workflow, so it can be checked before being made live. This mirrors the same workflow process as document pages and homepages in Jadu Continuum CMS.

Submitting a change to workflow

To submit a change to workflow:

  1. Open a shared page in the page builder.

  2. Edit a question on the page, and save the change.

  3. A blue message box will appear at the top of the page, informing you that the change requires approval. Click Submit for Approval.

  4. If you have permissions to approve, the blue message box will update to show buttons for Approve and Decline. If not, the message box will inform you that your change has been submitted for approval.

  5. Once submitted, administrators in the next level of the workflow can approve your change by visiting their task list. They will see a task for approving the page, with a link to view the page in the page builder. They can choose to approve the change, or to decline it, at which point they can provide feedback to the person who submitted it.

  6. Upon approval, all forms using the page will update to show the change.

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