City of Wanneroo

City of Wanneroo homepage screenshots on desktop, tablet and mobile

The new City of Wanneroo website is built using Jadu CMS, Jadu XFP and designed by Spacecraft.

Adapting to customer behaviour through an online, mobile first approach

The City of Wanneroo is home to 180,000 residents and is one of the largest population growth areas in Australia, covering a land area of almost 690 square kilometres.

The rapidly increasing population combined with the need to serve residents and ratepayers with improved access to digital services is central to a wider customer relations strategy. 

Jadu CMS and XFP combined with a responsive website design provides the foundation for the Council's strategy to transform digital engagement and provide an increasing capacity for online access to Council services.

We now have a site that, most importantly, serves the needs of our customers.

Online services have shown a marked increase in usage, going from 5 to 15 per cent of people paying rates and dog registrations online in the last couple of months. That's a very big percentage increase in a short period of time. We set out to achieve a very easy to use site, particularly for users of mobile devices and we're clearly seeing the benefits of that.

Bob Figg, Communications and Events Manager

Designing with data

The structure of the website's hompepage provides a modern and simplistic design that is focussed on the top destinations website visitors go to when looking to do business with the Council, whether that is online payments or accessing information that is important to them, without the need to phone the Council's switchboard. 

The primary focus in the design process was to cater for customers accessing the website through mobile devices and ensuring it was as easy and intuitive to use for primarily mobile website visitors, as well as those using desktop devices.

A modern and future-proof web platform. 'The growth in our work is going to be very much online. We have entire new suburbs without landlines - very mobile device-oriented. It's the way we will be doing business long into the future.'

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