Online forms: Jadu Continuum Webinar Demos

We run regular scheduled webinars for the two of the Jadu Continuum platform components, Jadu CMS and Jadu XFP Forms. Each webinar lasts for around 90 minutes.

The times listed are for UK webinars; our US Higher Education webinars can be found here.

Jadu CMS & Forms

  • Creating and publishing web content
  • Homepages, Widgets and extending CMS functionality
  • CMS user permissions, content workflow and governance
  • Building and deploying microsites
  • Customer registration and delivering tailored content
  • Creating and publishing web forms using standard and custom form components
  • Branching rules - using form logic to shape the user journey
  • Customer experience - filling out a form and viewing transaction history
  • Data security, forms editor permissions and data retention

Register now

We just need a few details and your selected webinar date and time to register your place on a webinar. Places are limited, but we run webinars regularly so let us know if you need to see any of the products that make-up the Jadu Continuum platform sooner!

Further details will be sent prior to your selected webinar date.

This form, like all our online forms, is built with Jadu XForms Professional.