Other caches

As well as the data cache used for storing the result of database queries, a number of other caches are used.

Application cache

Jadu Continuum uses Symfony, and after applying an update or changing template files or service definitons, the Symfony cache will require clearing and warming.

When deploying a package, this is handled automatically by the meteor patching tool, however this can also be carried out manually using cli.php:

php cli.php cms:clear-cache
php -d memory_limit=500M cli.php cache:warmup  --kernel=frontend
php -d memory_limit=500M cli.php cache:warmup  --kernel=cc

There are distinct caches for the frontend website and Control Centre application, so these both need to be warmed separately.

Config cache

Although the general application cache may be stored in Redis or memcached, the config cache is always stored on the filesystem. After any change to application configuration you will therefore need to remove these cache files for the changes to take effect. This can be done from the cacheBash.php page.

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