Session timeout

The maximum session lifetime is defined by session.gc_maxlifetime. The default session.gc_maxlifetime value is 24 minutes. Sessions can be limited from the maximum value in the application.


Session lifetime is set to 15 minutes by default and can be adjusted by adding or amending the session_expiry_time element in config/constants.xml to a suitable number of minutes. You will then need to clear the config cache.


By default users are given 10 minutes to complete each form page once they have started a form. If the user doesn't complete the page within the timeout period they are shown a message informing them that their session has timed out when they try to proceed through the form

Note: Forms are considered started after the first page of questions have been answered.

It is possible to change the default timeout. To change the timeout length, edit /path/to/config/xfp/constants.xml and change the value of xforms_session_timeout to a suitable number of minutes. After saving the changes you will need to clear the config cache.

The value of xforms_session_timeout must be less than the php.ini value for session.gc_maxlifetime, failing to update the session.gc_maxlifetime value will give a different error message to the user:

Deleting config cache

This can be done by logging into the Control Center and navigating to and checking Config Cache then Delete Selected.

Alternatively delete the cache from the cache directory on the server directly.

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