Downloading Data Export Files

Once the data export has been processed the nominated control centre users will be notified via email. The email will contain a download link.

Clicking the download link will take you to the data export history for the job that was processed. You will be asked to sign into the control centre if you are not already signed in.

File access

To ensure unauthorised access to the exported data you must be signed in to the control centre to access all export files.

On a completed job, click the Download button under the actions menu. This will open a download files table. Choose a file to download from the list of files created by the export.

File naming convention

Files created by data export will consist of:

  • Data Export ID: The ID of the data export configuration
  • Date: Timestamp of when the data export job was execute in YYYYMMDDHHMMSS.
  • Form ID: The ID of the form the data applies to

The files then have a suffix of data, uploads or pdfs depending on the file type. If the output format is CSV, any repeatable questions exported will have there own CSV file which will have a suffix of the Question ID.



After selecting the file, click the Download button to download the file.

File access logs

All downloads are recorded in an audit log. See viewing logs for more details on the audit logs when downloading files.

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