Submitting an internal form

Clicking on any form in the New tab of an internal form will start a new submission to the form you selected.

Completing an internal form is a very similar process to completing the form on the main website. The main difference is that the internal form will be recorded as submitted by the staff member.

The form is styled to look like the Control Centre, but the journey through an internal form will closely resemble the journey on the website. If your form has form level instructions, you will see these prior to the first question page. You will also see the same review and complete pages as the form on the website.

Additional information in a received form

The internal form provides some additional information over its website counterpart. Once an internal form is started, information such as its reference and the started time are immediately visible in the ribbon at the top of the page. The sidebar to the left of the page tracks the journey through the form, showing each page that has been visited.

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