Payment Process

  1. Visit the payments list view, which is found at /xfp/payments on the website.

    Payments Homepage

  2. You'll see a list of all possible services. Choose a service.

  3. If the service is linked to a form, you will be redirected to the form. At the end of this form, you will be redirected back to the payments interface to make payment. Note that your form is only submitted once payment is completed.

    Selecting a Billed or Upon Request service from the list of payment services on the payments homepage will take you to the payment details page of PayBridge.

    Payment Details

    Complete the amount and reference number as required, and click 'Proceed'.

  4. You'll then see PayBridge's review or basket page (depending on the payment provider in use). This will list the details of what is to be paid for.

  5. Modify the order as necessary. If the payment provider supports basket functionality, it is possible to add other items prior to payment. Items can also be removed or changed.

  6. Click 'Go to Payment' to be redirected to your payment provider. Complete the payment provider's pages.

  7. On completing these pages, you will be returned to the payment page. You'll either see a successful payment has been made, or that the payment failed. If the payment failed, it is possible to retry it a couple more times, by clicking 'Retry payment'.

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