Enabling First Capital Cashflow Integration in PayBridge

To start using First Capital Cashflow to accept Direct Debit payments in PayBridge, the following steps must be followed.

  1. Request creation of a Direct Debit account with First Capital Cashflow

    To integrate with PayBridge, this account must be configured as follows:

    • Access is required to both the Push Data and the Soap Based API Web Service.
    • The Push Data pages should be configured to allow pre-populating of the mandate page.
    • The Push Data pages should be configured use the following return URLs:

      • (your site)/xfp/payments/fcc-response
      • (your site)/xfp/payments/fcc-response?cancelled=true
    • An ad-hoc plan should be created on the account

  2. Ensure your server is running Continuum XFP #64 or later

    Integration of PayBridge with First Capital Cashflow Direct Debits was added in Continuum XFP #64. If your server is running a version of XFP earlier than this, contact Jadu Support.

  3. Enable First Capital Cashflow Integration in the Integrations Hub

    This can be done by visiting Utilities > Integrations > First Capital Cashflow, and enabling the toggle switch.

    NOTE You should only enable this if you have purchased a PayBridge licence. If you do not have a licence, contact Jadu Support.

    Enabling First Capital Cashflow Integration

    Figure: Enabling First Capital Cashflow Integration

    You'll then need to complete the fields on this page, by entering the following details:

    • Client SUN
    • Client ID
    • API Username
    • API Password
    • Initial Plan - this should be the GUID of an 'ad-hoc' plan in First Capital Cashflow

      All of the above details should be provided by First Capital Cashflow.

You will now be able to use First Capital Cashflow when creating PayBridge Services. For more information on how to create a Direct Debit Service in PayBridge, see Creating a First Capital Cashflow Service.

Missing Dependency Warning

If you see the below message when accessing the First Capital Cashflow integrations hub page:

Missing dependency warning

You'll need to install the PHP SoapClient module, if Jadu manage your servers please request this via Jadu Support. If you manage your servers yourself you will need to install the PHP module before continuing.

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