Setting up a Direct Debit

NOTE Only signed-in customers can set up a Direct Debit.

When a customer selects a Direct Debit Service to pay for, they will see a summary screen with content similar to one below.

On this page, the customer can either choose to change the service they've selected, cancel setting up a Direct Debit or proceed.

If the customer selects 'Change Details', they will be taken back to the form. They will eventually return to the summary page, when they proceed back through the form's pages.

If the customer selects 'Cancel', they will be returned to the beginning of the form, so they can fill it in again.

If the customer chooses to proceed with setting up a 'Direct Debit', PayBridge will determine whether the customer has an existing and active 'Mandate'. If a suitable 'Mandate' is found, the customer will be redirected to the Payment Complete page. If no 'Mandate' is found, the customer is redirected into First Capital Cashflow to create one.

Payee title

The payee on the mandate must enter a title (Mr, Mrs, Miss, etc...) into the title field when setting up the mandate. This can be enforced by First Capital Cashflow making the field required upon request. You can also send the title the payee provided in the form via the mappings sent to First Capital Cashflow. If the title has not been provided entries in the Payment Provider Logs will contain this error:

Subscription Failed: Server was unable to process request. 
---> Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

Once the customer has completed the First Capital Cashflow page, they will be redirected back to the Payment Complete page of your site.

This will set up the customer's subscription against either the existing mandate if found, or the new one created at First Capital Cashflow. The customer will then be informed that their Direct Debit was set up successfully.

If, for any reason, First Capital Cashflow cannot set up the required subscription, the customer will see a page detailing that the Direct Debit is not set up.

Reference formats for First Capital

When a customer sets up a mandate with First Capital, PayBridge will assign a reference number to the mandate. This will be of the form:

MAN-{{ user form reference }}-hhmmss

Here, MAN denotes that the reference relates to a mandate. The middle segment is the reference of the customer form being paid for. The final segment is the hour, minute and second that the process of creating the mandate was started in PayBridge.

Similarly, when a customer is registered on to a subscription, they are assigned another reference. This reference is of the format:

SUB-{{ user form reference }}-hhmmss

The only difference from the mandate format is the prefix; SUB to denote a subscription.

References starting SUB- can be used to cancel or update subscriptions at a later date.

First Capital Cashflow Auto-Generated Subscription References

It is possible for First Capital Cashflow to auto-generate subscription numbers. This must be disabled at First Capital Cashflow. For the integration between PayBridge and First Capital Cashflow to correctly function PayBridge needs to generate the subscription reference number.

Problem References

Occasionally, references of the following formats may be seen:

MAN-O{{ order reference }}-hhmmss OR

SUB-O{{ order reference }}-hhmmss

These can be distinguished from correct references by the O after the first dash.

These denote that a mandate or subscription has been created without a matching user form. Any references of these formats should be referred to Jadu Support for investigation.

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