Adapter Settings

The adapter settings interface lets you configure the installed payment adapters on your server. You should enter the account details given to you by your payment provider, to ensure PayBridge can communicate with your payment portal.

To do this:

  1. Select your adapter from the list on the left. If you do not see your adapter, contact Jadu Support.

  2. Enter any provided details into the fields on the right. For clarification of what should be entered in each, ask your payment provider.

  3. Optionally, select Test Mode, to target your test portal. This is useful for UAT sites, or during development, as test cards can be used.

  4. Click Save

Random Reference Mode

Optionally, you can enable Random Reference Mode to add a random string into the order reference generated by payBridge. This is useful to avoid duplicate references. For instance, if you have order number 1 on a test box, then order number 1 on UAT, the payment portal may reject the UAT request because the order number is a duplicate.

Jadu recommends using Random Reference Mode everywhere apart from in production.

Status Checking

Some payment providers support Status Checking, where PayBridge can check the payment portal is available, and show the customer a maintenance page when it is not. If your payment provider supports this, enable the Status Checking toggle.

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