On another website

When a form is made embeddable a snippet is made available to use on third-party websites. The form can be themed to match the styling of the page it's embedded on and the height and width can be adjusted.

The width and height can either be fixed or auto. When the width is set to auto no width is applied to the iFrame and can be set by the site embedding the form. When the height is set to auto the height be set so the entire form is visible within the frame.

Creating a new theme

To create a new form theme click on the "Theme" dropdown and select "Create new theme". There are three ways to create a theme:

Simple: Select the background colour, button colours, font colour and font family.

File: Upload a CSS file.

External: Provide a URL to a CSS file.

Editing a theme

Select the theme and click the "Edit theme" link below the drop down. When saving the theme can either be updated or a new theme can be created.

Deleting a theme

When editing a theme and a "Delete" button will be available at the bottom of the theme editor.

Previewing an embedded form

When a form is embeddable the selected theme can be previewed on the right hand side of the page. This is not a functional form so fields cannot be filled or buttons pressed. The form pages can be switched using the navigation at the top right of the page.

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