Managing received submissions

When your forms start to generate submissions, you will inevitably need to access the submitted data.

To do this in XFP, visit XForms Pro > Received Forms in the main navigation bar, or click on the Received tab when editing your form.

Received forms list

The Received forms interface is essentially a list of all submissions made across your forms. By default, submissions to every form are shown, ordered by reference in descending order.

You can filter the received forms list by using the filter bar at the top of the page. You can use these to narrow down the submissions listed by:

  • User
  • Administrator
  • Reference
  • Start Date
  • Submission Date
  • Form
  • Status (In Progress, Submitted or Retentioned)

Clicking on a particular received form will open the details view.

Received forms details view

The details view provides all the information stored by XFP about a particular submission. It is divided into three main areas:

  • The ribbon

    This sits at the top of the details view, and contains useful information about hows the submission was made. For example, when it was started and submitted, and who by. It also lists any references for third party systems, like CXM or payments.

  • Form Responses

    This is the first tab in the details views, and is open by default. It contains all of the customer's answers to the form. The sidebar in this tab also shows the customer's journey, so we can see which pages they visited at a glance.

  • Log

    The log tab tracks requests to and from the form. These may be page loads as the customer fills the form in, or requests and responses from integrations the form has, such as payment or CXM.

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