Signing Process

When AssureSign is configured correctly on your form, customers will follow the below process:

  1. As usual, they will begin by starting the form. In the form, some questions will be mapped to the Create PDF to sign action, and some will be mapped to the Add Electronic Signature action.

  2. When the customer reaches the review page, the Create PDF to sign action will run automatically, and create a PDF of the submission. In addition to the usual content of the review page, the customer will see some text telling them the form requires a signature. The main action button will be labelled Sign My Form.

  3. Clicking Sign My Form will send the generated PDF to AssureSign, and redirect the customer to AssureSign to sign their document.

  4. The customer signs the document at AssureSign.

  5. AssureSign redirects the customer back to the Review Page of the form. This time, as the customer has signed their PDF, the action button is labelled Submit Form.

NOTE If payments are enabled on the form, the action button will be labelled Proceed to Payment, and will redirect the customer to PayBridge.

  1. Clicking Submit Form will submit the form.

Changing the submission

Once the customer has signed their form and returned to the review page, they have two choices. They can either submit the form as above, or change their submission by clicking Previous.

If the customer chooses to edit their submission, they will only need to go back to AssureSign if one or more of the answers they changed are mapped into the PDF action.

When a customer visits AssureSign for a second or third time per submission, the previous document they signed is marked for deletion in AssureSign. Items marked for deletion are removed 24 hours later.

NOTE In order to mark documents for deletion, the Allow Users to Delete Documents? setting must be set to 'Yes' in AssureSign.

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