Show content on form completion

To change the complete page shown to the customer when they submit their form:

  1. When in the form designer, navigate to Rules in the top navigation bar (under the form title).

  2. Click Create Rule. The rule designer will open up.

  3. Give your rule a title - 'Complete Page with Name'.

  4. Setting complete page content is an action that runs when the customer submits the form. The When block defaults to User submits the form by default, so this doesn't need to be changed.

  5. In the Then block, select Show content on form completion.

  6. In the appearing using template dropdown, select Create new....

  7. A popover will open, so we can design our complete page action template. We can re-use this in other rules on this form, and it will be the template in use for this Then block when we've finished it.

  8. Set the title as 'My Complete Page', and design the content for your new complete page in the rich text editor. Use the Insert placeholder toolbar button to insert the variables for your form as necessary.

  9. Save the template. It will load automatically into your rule block.

  10. Ensure the rule is enabled, by checking the enabled toggle is in the on position.

  11. Save the rule. The rule designer will close, and your rule will be listed on the page.

Test your form. You will see the content you entered into your action template after submitting your form.

NOTE When inserting variables into the complete page, it is possible to use variables relating to other actions, such as User Form - Generated PDF Link or Form - CXM Case Link. Such variables will only work if the action they relate to has already ran before the complete page action. In other words, these actions need to appear above the complete page in your rule.

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