Managing action templates

As you add more rules to your forms, you'll start to add a number of action templates to your forms. Of course, you can view the templates by opening each rule, but it may be more useful to see all action templates on the form in one place.

To facilitate this, XFP provides a list view of all action templates, which can be found by clicking Templates in the top navigation bar of a form (under the title).

This list view shows all action templates you have created for the form, as well as the system they communicate with. The list is split into pages if there are more than 10 templates.

Editing a template

To edit a template:

  1. Click on its title in the list view.

  2. A popover will open where you can view the template and edit certain fields.

  3. Click Save. The template, and all rules using the template, will be updated.

Rules using a template

To see which rules an action template is being used in:

  1. Click the number under Rules Using Template for that template.

  2. A popover will open providing details of all rules that currently use the template.

Removing a template

NOTE It is only possible to delete unused action templates. To delete a template that is in use on a rule, remove it from the rule or delete the rule first.

To remove an action template:

  1. Tick the box next to the action template to remove.

  2. Open the Actions menu and select Delete Selected.

  3. Confirm the action in the appearing popover.

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