Predefined Calculation: CXM - Can create case for address


This formula will determine whether a case of a particular type can be created against a particular address.


The formula requires integration with Jadu CXM to be configured. This can be done under Settings > Integrations > Jadu CXM.


This formula requires 3 inputs to be passed through to it:

  • the CXM case type
  • the UPRN of the property to check
  • whether to run as the signed in user

    This determines whether the request to CXM is sent using the signed in account, or the CXM API key permissions. The signed in account may have different permissions to the API key, causing the result of the formula to differ.

Return values

Value Description
true If the case can be created.
false Otherwise.

Note: return values are case sensitive

Formula Logic

  1. The formula calls the 'Can Create Case' endpoint of the CXM API, passing the provided case type and UPRN.

  2. If this endpoint returns true, the result of the formula is true. Otherwise, the result is false.

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