Adding a prefill to a form

When in the form designer, there are a couple of ways you can add a prefills.

Method 1: From the pages tab

When viewing the form structure, there is a column in the table called Prefills. Each page in your form will have a number under this column, denoting how many prefills are on the page already. Click one of these numbers to add a prefill to the corresponding page.

A popover will open, showing any existing prefills and allowing you to edit them or create additional ones.

Method 2: From the advanced tab

Instead of viewing prefills page by page, it possible to manage them across your entire form by viewing the Advanced tab. Just click Advanced > Prefills in the top navigation bar (under the the form title).

On this tab, you'll see a similar list of prefills, but these will be all the prefills on the form.

Adding a new prefill

  1. Click Add Prefill

  2. The create interface will open.

  3. Choose the question to prefill, and where the prefill value should come from.

  4. Click Save.

  5. The prefill will be created and added to the list.

Editing a prefill

To edit a prefill:

  1. Click the prefill in the list.

  2. The edit interface will open, to allow changes to the question being prefilled and/or where the prefill data comes from.

  3. Click Save.

  4. The prefill will be updated.

Removing a prefill

To remove a prefill:

  1. Next to the prefill in the list, click the remove (x) icon on the right hand side.

  2. Confirm the removal in the popover.

  3. The prefill will be removed.

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