Viewing your forms

This is the default view of the forms list when you first select XForms Pro > Forms from the menu bar.

This view is created by automatically applying an 'Admin' filter for the currently signed in administrator. As such, this view can be obtained by selecting XForms Pro > Forms from the menu bar at any time.

Applying an Admin filter for a particular administrator

  1. On the forms list view, click the '+' button next to 'Filter by' at the top of the list view.

  2. Choose 'Admin' from the list that appears. Note that, if you do not see 'Admin', there is already an 'Admin' filter applied to the list. This must be removed by a new one can be added.

  3. Type the beginning of the administrator's name, and then select them from the drop down when their name appears.

  4. Click 'Add'.

  5. Click 'Filter'.

  6. The forms list view will refresh, and is now filtered to forms owned by that administrator.

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