Removing pages form a form

Removing a page from the form structure

Pages that are in use within the form structure can be removed if they are no longer required as part of your form's journey. Pages that you remove will not be deleted from the form context; they will just be removed from the form structure. This will mean that the page can no longer be visited by a customer completing the form. The page still exists in the form context, so you can add it back in later if you want. Note that removing a page from the form structure will also remove any pages that are branched off of it.


  1. Click the checkbox on the line of the page you wish to remove

    Selecting a page to remove

  2. Now click the Actions button to the left of the form structure diagram. From the list of options click Remove pages.

    Selecting remove page action

  3. Before the page is removed from the form you will be asked to confirm that you wish to remove the page from the form.

    Removing a page confirmation

    If you are sure you want to remove the page click Remove Page. If you've changed you mind, click Cancel to close the popover.

Removing a page from the form context

Pages that are not in use within your form structure can be removed from the context of the form. If the page is form specific you can choose to change the visibility of the page to make it shared or to delete it permanently. If the page is shared, removing the page from the form context will not delete it permanently, so no other forms will be affected.

  1. To delete a page click Remove on the page you want to delete.

  2. If the page is a form specific page you'll be shown a popover that asks you what you want to do with the page. Click either Permanently Delete or Share and Remove from Form to remove the form.

    Removing a form specific page confirmation dialog

    If the page is not form specific a confirmation popover will appear. Click Remove from form to remove the page from the form, or click cancel to close the confirmation popover.

    Removing a form shared page confirmation dialog

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