Northgate M3PP / Assure Bins at Property

This component loads a drop down list of all the active assets at a given property from Northgate M3PP / Assure. The property is determined by a UPRN, which should come from a previous postcode lookup question on the form.

A call to GetAssets is made, passing the provided UPRN. Each returned asset type that exists in the list of accepted types is checked against XFP's Dictionary. If the asset type matches a key in the Dictionary, the label and value of the Dictionary entry are included in the options displayed by the integrated component.

The integrated component will return:

  • Bin (Value) - The matched Dictionary record value
  • Bin (Label) - The matched Dictionary record label

How to use:

  1. Open the page where you want to add the integrated component in the page builder, or creating a new one.

  2. Add the integrated component to the page. For more information on how to do this, see Adding a question to a page.

  3. Add this page into your form - see Adding pages.

  4. Complete the Page setup options.

    When adding the page into your form, you can will need to map:

    • Property: The value will come from one of the address lookup components.
    • Limit to asset key(s): A whitelist of asset keys to include in the results
    • Northgate M3PP / Assure Instance: The instance of Northgate to integrate with

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