CXM Service API Client - Developer Guide

A guide for developers wanting to interact with CXM using the PHP Service API Client.

What is the CXM Service API?

The Service API is a REST API that provides access to CXM Case and User actions such as:

  • create a new Case
  • change the status of a Case
  • change the details of a Case
  • attach files to a Case
  • retrieve details of the current User

What is the CXM Service API Client?

This is a PHP package provided by Jadu that acts as a wrapper for the interaction with the Service API. The client deals with all of the direct API interaction, allowing developers to focus on building their integrations.

How do I get access to the API?

Access is controlled by an API key. This will need to be generated in the CXM Control Centre by a User with the required permission to do so.

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