A CXM CaseForm is made up of CaseFormField objects, representing information that the form can accept. There are currently four types of CaseFormField:

CaseFormField types

Type Description
CaseAddressRelationshipField Link the case to an Address. Accepts either a UPRN or a CXM Address reference
CaseFieldField The value of a CaseField as configured in the CaseType. There are several types of CaseField
CasePersonRelationshipField Link the case to a Person. Accepts a CXM Person reference, prefilled with the reference of the Person linked to the current User if there is one.
CaseUserGroupMembershipField Add a UserGroup as a member of the case. Accepts the id of a CXM UserGroup belonging to the UserType returned from the method getUserType().

CaseField types

Type Description
CheckboxField Boolean choice, accepts true/false.
ChoiceField Choose from a list of values. Use the method getChoices() to get an array of Choice objects which contain the option values. Use the method isMultiple() to determine whether or not more than one item can be chosen.
DateField A date in the format YYYY-MM-DD (e.g. '2019-02-27')
DateTimeField A date and time in the format YYYY-MM-DD HH:mm:SS (e.g. '2019-02-27 13:45:00')
EmailField A valid email address
TelephoneField A valid telephone number
TextField A string up to 255 characters in length
TextareaField A string of any length
UrlField A valid URL

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