Create a new case

In order to create a new case, you will need to:

  1. Get the name of the CaseType you want to create a case for (see above)
  2. Fetch the CaseForm for creating a case of that type
  3. Create an array of values for each form field
  4. Submit the values

Fetching the create form

Use the CaseManager to retrieve the form for creating a new case of the CaseType you want.


/** @var \Jadu\Quantum\ServiceApiClient\Manager\CaseManager $caseManager */
$caseManager = $container->get('');
$createForm = $caseManager->getCreateForm('case-type-name');

Using the information in the CaseForm that is returned, you can now build up an array of values to use to create your case. Each CaseFormField has a unique name, you should use these as the key to each entry in the values array.

More information about CaseForms


$createForm = $caseManager->getCreateForm('case-type-name');

$values = [];
foreach ($createForm->getFields() as $formField) {
    $values[$formField->getName()] = 'VALUE';

For example, given the following set of CaseFormFields:

Name Type
address CaseAddressRelationshipField
website CaseFieldField.UrlField
comments CaseFieldField.TextareaField

The following array might be created:


$values = [
    'address' => 'AKMKWyo',
    'website' => '',
    'comments' => 'Everything / Possible',

Once you have your values array, you can create a new case:


$case = $caseManager->save($caseForm, $values, null, 'case-type-name');

Checking whether a case can be created

Before trying to create a case, you may want to check whether it can be created, taking into account the case limits configured in the case type.

For example, given a case type with name some-case-type which requires an address and a person to create a case, and a limit configured so that there cannot be more than one case of this type associated to any single address.

In this scenario, before creating a new case for a given address, you will want to check whether that address would exceed the case limit. You can do the following:

/** @var \Jadu\Quantum\ServiceApiClient\Manager\CaseManager $caseManager */
$caseManager = $container->get('');

$caseTypeName = 'some-case-type';
$references = [
    'primary-address' => 'some-address-reference-or-uprn',

try {
    $caseManager->canCreateCaseOfType($caseTypeName, $references);

} catch (CaseLimitExceededException $exception) {
    /** @var \Jadu\Quantum\ServiceApiClient\Exception\CaseLimitExceededException $exception */
    foreach ($exception->getCaseLimitsExceeded() as $caseLimitExceeded) {
        echo sprintf('Exceeded case limit of type %s. Maximum number of cases is %d', [

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