Jadu Central Gateway

Jadu Central Gateway

An all-inclusive Intranet. Wherever you are. Even if you don't have a corporate email address.

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Empower your employees with secure access to important information and forms.

Jadu Central Gateway is an Intranet solution for large organisations that want to provide access to crucial information for employees and partners who do not have corporate email addresses or do not regularly use computers in their roles.

As well as the powerful, low-code tools to publish accessible websites and forms, you can publish content to your corporate intranet and make it securely available to all of your employees. The platform can be accessed via the internet on any device, with users who do not have corporate email accounts using their own email addresses. Jadu Gateway enables users to click on a link, receive an authentication code then access the Intranet securely.


Provides secure access to important information and forms, regardless of whether employees have a corporate email address with 2FA for added security.

Easy Access

Employees can easily access important information, documentation and forms such as; HR Policies e.g. Whistleblowing, reporting forms, internal communications, guidance and support, information on pay, benefits, and wellbeing initiatives.


Be transparent with all employees by enabling them to securely access information and submit forms such as leave requests, expenses and more.


Eliminate the frustration and legal issues associated with not having access to important employment policy documentation while safeguarding sensitive documents and data.

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All-inclusive and secure.

Enable front-line employees such as; Social Services, Adult Social Care, Waste Management and Housing i.e. Maintenance employees without a corporate email address to access important information, securely. 

Gateway enables your Intranet to be accessed via the internet on any device, with users who do not have corporate email accounts using their own email addresses. Invite users to click on a link, receive an authentication code and then access the intranet. It's that simple.

Jadu Central Gateway ensures that front-line colleagues have access to the same information at the same time and in the same way as IT-enabled colleagues and is a significant step in our digital and accessibility ambitions. The platform reinforces our commitments to engagement and empowerment of colleagues, and to continue transforming services.

Janice Novak, Operational Excellence Lead, City of Edinburgh

Create a transparent workplace

The perfect solution for dispersed, remote or hybrid teams across Local Government organisations, Central and Federal Government departments, Universities, Healthcare institutions, and large industry companies that do not issue all front-line workers with corporate email addresses or access to internal systems via a VPN.

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Low-code and accessible

An extensible, accessible and secure cloud-based platform, Jadu Central Gateway is all you need to manage your intranet content and online forms. 

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Jadu Central Gateway in the news

Jadu partners with CGI to develop ‘Gateway’ Intranet Platform that provides City of Edinburgh Council employees with secure access to important information.

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Unlock the power of Jadu Central Gateway and create an inclusive and transparent organisation.