Open Days

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What are Open Days?

Open Days are an opportunity for Local Authorities to come together to network and share digital transformation successes.

We welcome all who are part of a local government organisation, but the open days are mainly for:

  • CIOs, senior leaders, service heads
  • Customer services managers
  • Digital and transformation managers
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West Northamptonshire Council: AI for customer service automation and transformation

The council will showcase how they use AI, automation, and digital transformation for innovative, integrated digital services, offering a seamless end-to-end customer experience.

Expect interactive sessions, valuable insights, and live demonstrations covering:

  • Chatbots & Case Management in Jadu Connect
  • Alexa Smart Skills Integration
  • "Rate This Page" Feature
  • Addressing Service Challenges with AI
  • Headless Complaints Service
  • WNC App & Report It

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Wigan Council

Wigan Council has saved £170M in the budget to date due to its agile digital transformation programme which uses the Jadu Digital Platform Lite (eForms and Case Management) as part of its wider digital strategy ‘The Deal’.

  • Savings across services including ‘Highways’ - saving £100K per year for this service alone
  • Innovation award nominations including for the Highways Customer Engagement Transformation Project
  • Further financial investment in digital to empower community connections
  • The ability to respond quickly to crises, including during the pandemic
  • Permission to continue to innovate to help fundamental digital transformation

Scottish Borders Council

Scottish Borders Council will deep-dive into the results of its digital transformation programme and share the future of digital for the council including exciting planned developments and projects. The SBC team will talk about transformational projects which have improved processes and seen efficiency and cost savings. They will demonstrate how citizens can access digital services through one digital front door to enable a better-connected community.

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Collaborate, show and tell

We base our Open Days around topics of relevance in Local Government and pair these topics with Authorities who have delivered digital transformation with measurable results or who have concrete plans to implement channel shift. 

These are usually half-day events, hosted in-person, and in the location of the Authority presenting. The events are currently on-hold due to the Coronavirus.

Why attend?

Join and network with other Local Authorities on similar digital transformation journeys.

Take back valuable information that you have learned including; certain challenges you might face and how to overcome them, tried and tested processes (that work) and more.