Ways to buy

Ways to buy

We know that you may already have an accessible website that works for you and your customers.

That’s why we offer different ways of buying our solutions so you can build upon your technology stack and digital transformation programme.

The Jadu Digital Platform enables you to take full control of your digital channels and improve the customer experience with access to our full product suite, from accessible websites, online forms and payments, real-time case management tools to MyAccount and transactional options. 

The Jadu Digital Platform Lite simply provides you with a slightly lighter version of the Jadu Digital Platform so you can still use Jadu’s low-code technology to deliver an easy-to-use, accessible and responsive digital experience for your customers.

Choose the platform right for you


The below table takes you through our platform offerings so you can choose the right solution for you.


For Cases, Requests & Workflow

For Cases, Requests & Workflow
FeatureJadu Digital Platform LiteJadu Digital Platform
Website widgets
Real-time chat
Case Management
Automated Rules
Customer Notifications
Case Timeline
Open API
Integration Hooks
Pre-built forms and workflows


For Online Transactions

For Online Transactions
FeatureJadu Digital Platform LiteJadu Digital Platform
Enterprise eForms
Embed forms
MyAccount Portal
Easy Form Builder
Advanced Data retention
Balance Look-ups


For Content Authoring

For Content Authoring
FeatureJadu Digital Platform LiteJadu Digital Platform
Online directories
Modular pages
Multi page pages 
Event calendar 
News archive 
File downloads 
Meetings and minute management 
A to Z of services 
Councillor profiles 
Publishing workflow 
Translation workflow 
Microsite publishing 
Crown commercial service supplier

We’re on the Digital Marketplace, part of the G-Cloud programme. We’re also on additional, specialist procurement frameworks and can tell you more about these should you wish to discuss.

Want to learn more about ways to buy with Jadu or see our products in action?