Jadu Library

Jadu Library

Discover shared assets - including process flows, test scripts, complex forms and service design documentation

You can easily download these digital assets, at no cost - as well as upload your own to share with the community. 

This means you can:

  • Learn from, and reuse what’s successfully worked for other organisations 
  • Capitalise on what is already available from service specialists
  • Accelerate your own as well as other organisations service standard levels, by sharing best practises

Latest Assets

The Library is continually being updated with new content (XFP forms, CXM case types, etc.) so you can view all of our latest assets in one place.

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Sharing Your Assets

To share forms, processes, or other assets you have created please take a look at our guide.

How to Share Your Assets

If you would like to submit an asset to the Jadu Library please fill in this submission form.