People and Culture

People and Culture

We nurture expertise, thrive on diversity and lead in accessibility.

It’s our mission to become the world's most accessible digital platform. We want to acquire the best minds in the industry, people who are passionate about accessibility, technology and love what they do everyday.

We’re a company with values that drive our decisions. Culture comes first here.

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Our prime directives are our values

  1. Conduct honest business
  2. Never over-promise
  3. Deliver high quality software
  4. Design with standards, semantics and with end users in mind
  5. Service customer needs before our own to make better customers
  6. Generate wealth
  7. Promote mutual trust and respect

The way of Jadu

We believe that the tools we make should be beautiful and accessible to of the highest quality.

We are committed to our people. Our culture and our values are reflected in everything we do. It's policy at Jadu to be honest about our business relationships - our customers are our partners, and that requires trust and transparency.

Our Jadu family is passionate about everything we do, we love to delight and amaze each other as well as our customers.

An agile company

We deliver value fast, iterate and continually improve.

We're great believers in transparency. We deliver working software from the start but also, true to agile values, recognise the importance of collaboration and responding to change.

Every project is different: different teams, different software, different challenges, and we meet the needs of projects head on rather than falling back on a one size fits all approach.

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Board of Directors

  • Suraj Kika, Group CEO and founder
  • Andy Perkins, Vice President of Engineering
  • Piers Morgan, Senior Vice President, Legal and Commercial
  • Jayne Nickalls, Non-Executive Director
  • Nick Gretton, Non-Executive Director
  • Ambrina Trudgill, Vice President of Customer Experience
  • Professor Mark Thompson, Non-Executive Director
  • Amardeep Gill, Non-Executive Director
  • Paul Greenhead, Chief Operating Officer

Wellbeing at work

The mental health and wellbeing of our team is of paramount importance.

We've invested in Mental Health First Aid Training for team members to be there when someone needs support.

We also provide the option for our team, when needed, to receive therapy from Wellbeing Therapy Solutions. We have previously and will continue to support the Mind Mental Health Charity.

Careers at Jadu

We look for the best minds in the industry.

People who love their work and inspire those around them to excellence.

Think you have what it takes to join our family? Please visit our careers page