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Jadu Content Portal - Connecting people to your organization

Connecting people, data and solutions now and into the future.

Connecting people to your organization

The Jadu Content Portal is a solution that comprises of both content (via portal pages) and online forms, enabling you to manage content, forms and data in one centralized place, on any device.

Your customers receive a highly personalized experience. Using several authentication services, they can self-serve and access important content.


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Endless Portal capabilities

The Jadu Content Portal integrates with key back office systems to give internal and external stakeholders access to content, data and web forms; all in one place. 


Surface data from back-office systems such as Document Management Systems (DMS), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, Learning Management Systems (LMS), and many others.


Match the design to your organization’s existing website, while implementing a portal that’s accessible on any device.


Give customers, vendors and suppliers, students and employees access to what they need, where and when they need it.

Jadu Content Portal in action


Students can login to their school’s website via the Jadu Content Portal and access online forms, personal files and documents. They can also see their balances, courses and grades thanks to powerful back office integrations.  

Local Government 

Residents can access interactive, dynamic web forms on any device, helping cities move away from paper based processes. Users can access what they need to efficiently self serve.

Vendors and Suppliers 

Partners can access useful materials, complete forms, submit invoices, search orders and upload documents. Jadu Content Portal makes collaboration simple and gives partners what they need to effectively work with and represent your organisation.

Employees, Faculty and Staff

Personnel can quickly and easily navigate to and access the information they need to do their jobs efficiently. No more time wasted hunting down documents - organisations gain the ability to better communicate with employees.

Jadu University website

Partnering with Hyland

We partner with Hyland to deliver a non-technical platform that leverages the core of Jadu technology to bring digital HTML5 eforms and portal pages to Hyland Perceptive Content ECM.

This innovative offering enables external access to an approved list of enterprise data via a vendor portal on your customer’s website.

Vendors simply sign in to the portal to view and download documents and content stored in Perceptive Content, based on their vendor ID or unique login identifier.

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Get started with Jadu Content Portal & Perceptive Content

Watch a series of short demos that show how accessible, Section 508 compliant eforms and portal pages can by easily created using the low code tools in Jadu Content Portal. Hosted by John Euston, Vice President, Jadu, Inc.

Demo #1 - Intro to Building Forms


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Demo #2 - Intro to Publishing Tools


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Demo #3 - Intro to Perceptive Content Integration


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