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Transforming into a paperless college with the Hyland Content Portal 

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Replacing paper-based processes with rapid online forms.

Fanshawe College is one of Ontario Canada’s, largest colleges. It has three campuses in London as well as several regional campuses including; Simcoe, St. Thomas and Woodstock - and serves close to half a million people.

Like many educational institutions, it faced the challenge of outdated paper-based data collection processes. These processes were not only slow but also prone to errors, leading to inefficiencies and delays in student services.

The COVID-19 pandemic added urgency to the need for digital workflows.

To address these challenges, Fanshawe College chose the Hyland Content Portal, aiming to go paperless and improve efficiencies. 


Hyland Content Portal has enabled us to go paperless, automate processes, improve efficiencies, but most of all provide a better student experience with online self-service.

Cam Jones, Senior Programmer Analyst, Fanshawe College

The Challenge

Before implementing the Hyland Content Portal, Fanshawe College’s process for data collection relied heavily on paper forms that needed to be manually scanned into their Perceptive Content system. This was time-consuming and data entry was error-prone.

Developing online forms required substantial effort from in-house developers as at the time they used a custom solution.

To reach their goal of becoming a paperless organization, Fanshawe College needed a new solution that enabled them to build online forms rapidly, that could be accessed from any device and location to enable seamless digital self-service.

Additionally, they needed the solution to integrate with other key back-office systems such as Perceptive Content to streamline processes and make operations more efficient and accurate. 


The Solution

Fanshawe College chose the Hyland Content Portal primarily because of its seamless out-of-the-box integration with Perceptive Content (document storage), a critical part of their daily operations.

The ability to rapidly create online forms via Hyland Content Portal that integrated with Perceptive Content helped to automate and centralise data collection. Data entry would become less error-prone, and more secure.

The move to the Hyland Content Portal also aligned with their broader digital strategy to transform Fanshawe into a paperless environment and support their goal of providing seamless digital self-service. 


The intuitive forms builder interface

The Results

Fanshawe College has seen significant improvements since choosing the Hyland Content Portal. The ability to rapidly create online forms has transformed and automated operations across the organization, particularly in the Registrar’s office. 

  • Lineups and wait times for students decreased substantially, enhancing the overall student experience. 
  • Turnaround times for processing student data improved dramatically, enabling faster responses to student needs. 
  • Most importantly, data collection became more secure with reduced data entry errors.
  • Since 2020, Fanshawe College has recorded over 820,000 form submissions, highlighting the portal's effectiveness in streamlining operations. 

Hyland Content Portal integrates seamlessly with Perceptive Content, OnBase and Workview.

Using the Hyland Content Portal, we've been able to centralize our systems through seamless integration with Perceptive Content. Our internal processes have become smoother, and more efficient and data collection is more secure, less error-prone and easier to manage.

Keith Traquair, Systems Architect, Fanshawe College

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