User Experience

User Experience

User driven design

We create robust and digitally inclusive experiences that put users first. 

User Experience (UX) is about much more than design alone, it’s about bringing together data-driven insights, human behaviour, user objectives, technology, brand and creative direction.

We get to grips with the ways people interact with your product, and tackle challenges head on. We call upon real users to test and evaluate concepts and prototypes to ensure insight is derived from real users.

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Hands sketching out a design

UX is much more than design alone - it’s a skill set that brings together data-driven insights, human behavior, user objectives, technology, brand, and creative direction.

Ed Shek, Graphic Web Designer, Jadu Creative

Our UX processes

Project meeting in the office


Getting to know you, your users and your competition, our research methods are expansive and include:

  • Online and offline analytics
  • User testing
  • Competitor analysis
  • Stakeholder interviews
  • User journeys and personas 
Project meeting


From mapping out sitemaps and processes to working out user stories and journeys, we run a range of workshops tailored to you. Our experienced consultants are able to run sessions with a wide variety of stakeholders, ensuring they’re fully involved in the design stage.

Design concepts


Our award winning designs are built upon the foundation of thorough research. We look at every aspect of design, including sitemaps and information architecture for the structure, wireframes and audits for the content and high fidelity visual designs for look and feel, to produce the best possible digital experiences.