Channel Shift

Channel Shift Reset

Local Government Reset

Channel Shift is now in the reset phase due to COVID-19

The vision of 'new normal' continues to look like more social distancing, local focus, ensuring and shoring-up supply chains, and getting used to new ways of social interaction through technology.

We need to share best practice rapidly and at an unprecedented level. Services will need to be re-enabled to be digital first and in many cases, digital only.

We need to develop a 'reverse business case' to plan for deactivating or not reactivating traditional methods of delivering service.


The NHS Covid-19 app

Innovation and Co-delivery

For many authorities, the level of innovation and cutting edge work in partnership with both public and private sectors, and between councils in ‘co-delivery’ models has provided support for communities.

Communities have found themselves taking the driving seat in local support. From co-ordinating food parcel deliveries, crowdsourcing PPE, delivering business grants to supporting the most vulnerable in society, and housing the homeless to caring for the most vulnerable adults and children.

Digital by Choice Strategy

Delivering a 'Digital by Choice' strategy is becoming increasingly essential for self-service. Channel Shift is a concept Jadu is very adept at understanding and providing the tools and knowledge to make it happen.

With hundreds of Public Sector organisations powered by Jadu Continuum Platform, our partnerships with Government and Higher Education spans over a decade of experience.

Learn how Channel Shift and local digital services are now in 'Reset' mode. After many conversations with those at the forefront of digital services, we lay out 3 important considerations for all Councils.

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Leading the Way

Swindon Borough Council has addressed its response and established leveraging its technology estate, people, and partners to quickly deliver automation into new services.

When the challenge arose of delivering Food and Medicine parcels, the council looked at common service patterns that could be reused and found that its newly delivered Pest Control service could be easily reconfigured for Food and Medicine deliveries.

The council built-in route optimisation using Google Maps and Jadu technology to create an optimised digital service that worked on day one.

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What is Channel Shift?

Channel Shift is the process by which organisations seek to encourage customers to access or interact with services via channels other than those to which they normally choose.

Harnessing digital technologies to enable citizens and businesses to self-serve whilst designing out failure demand from service delivery processes have therefore become twin priorities for councils.

Now however, ensuring rapid deployment and iteration of digital services has become not just essential, it has become business critical. 

Prioritising Digital Commerce

Self-isolation. Social or Physical distancing. Community spread. These once obscure terms are now everyday words. New habits and behaviors are forming that in many cases are not likely to go away after the crisis passes.

The need to deliver always on, well designed digital services has never been more important. With commercial income from tourism, car parking and other hard hit services drying up - finding new digital service delivery models is essential.

Services are now focusing at a hyper-local level, with new and innovative community projects needing support and coordination for them to be sustained. 

Sharing best practice

By sharing the best practice and innovation being rapidly developed now, we will reduce the time to deliver services, reduce costs and ensure digital service is right first time for citizens.

Many of our customers share common service patterns, eForms, workflows, widgets and apps are shared on the Jadu Library - this is where our community of users can upload and share service patterns and best practice freely.

To support the ongoing and escalating Coronavirus crisis, Jadu has launched a Community Toolbox.