COVID-19 Community Toolbox

COVID-19 Community Toolbox

Jadu COVID-19 Channel Shift Reset

Learn how Channel Shift and local digital services are now in 'Reset' mode.

After many conversations with those at the forefront of digital services, we lay out 3 important considerations for all Councils in our Councils: Ready For Reset eBook.

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Download Key Assets from the Library

We are continually updating our library with XFP forms, CXM case types and CMS widgets that our community is developing to tackle needs specific to the COVID-19 crisis (including forms for donations, volunteering, grant applications, NHS widgets and more). All available to download and use.

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COVID-19 Special Announcement Widget

The COVID-19 Special Announcement Widget uses the standard for publishing information about COVID-19 announcements. This widget makes it easy for you to publish important information and announcements.

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Jadu COVID-19 Community Podcasts

Bringing you insights, stories, and experiences from those at the forefront of digital services such as Swindon Council, Braintree District Council and Medway Council, covering emerging technology, accessibility and response during the pandemic crisis.

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Jadu COVID-19 Community Webcasts

In response to the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis, we have created this playlist to publish webcasts we hold with customers and partners discussing ideas and strategies in response to the pandemic. More will be added as we move into the ‘RESET’ phase.

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Things to Broadcast

Useful COVID-19 resources and links to share with your users (including apps and official guidance).

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Keep Up to Date

Learn how we're shifting our way of working to support our customers and building a community during the COVID-19 crisis.

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Coronavirus Social Responsibility

Suraj Kika, Jadu CEO, writes an open letter to the team covering CSR (Coronavirus Social Responsibility) about how their way of working will change to refocus through COVID-19. 

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Keep Talking - COVID-19

Join the Customer Slack channel #Community-Response. Simply add yourself into the channel, or get in touch and we can add you. We want to hear what areas you need support in. 

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