Jadu XFP Training

Jadu XFP Training

Get the most from your website and digital services

Led by specialists who know their subjects inside out, our comprehensive training programs provide your teams with the understanding, training and skills needed to use all of the key components and features of Jadu products, to help deliver a better customer experience. 

XFP Foundation Training

XFP training

Certified online course for up to 10 attendees

This foundation level provides the basic skill required to build online forms using Jadu XFP. Topics covered include:

  • XFP Overview
  • Creating a form
  • Page Templates
  • Page Fields
  • Branching
  • Prefills
  • Logic (basic explanation of each type of logic)
  • Rules
  • Action Template
  • Received Forms
  • Data Retention

XFP Practitioner Training

Certified online course for up to 10 attendees

Expanding on the content covered at foundation level, this course will extend your knowledge of Jadu XFP. Topics covered include:

  • Administrator Privileges
  • Integrations Hub
  • Settings
  • Validation Routines
  • Additional Rules and Templates
  • Advanced Logic
  • Bookings
  • URL Parameter Injection
  • Reports

Note: This course can be bundled with Jadu CXM Practitioner Training.

XFP PayBridge Training

This course provides a complete introduction to integrating Jadu XFP PayBridge with your Payment Service Provider (PSP), and how to configure online payments. Topics covered include:

  • Managing PayBridge Services
  • Adding a Payment to an XFP Form
  • Reviewing Payment Logs and Reports
  • Managing PayBridge Settings

Note: This is a supplementary course to Jadu XFP Foundation Training which should be completed first.