A powerful website template engine, led by new technology

Creating rocket fuel for your developers

Photon is a new website template engine built to enable web designers and developers to rapidly create responsive websites.

The new technology uses HTML5 and Twig (the flexible template framework for PHP), which uses an easy-to-learn syntax.

We’re introducing this new template engine to bring Jadu Content Management System (CMS) up to date with the latest web development practices. We also want to provide you with more development options to make designing, developing and launching your websites faster.

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The move to Photon templates will provide you with:

  • Faster development and deployment
  • Increased security
  • SEO-friendly URL structures and slugs
  • Easier long-term maintainability
  • Improved extensibility
  • Ability to reuse and share templates with peers

Interested in implementing Photon?

"Photon is dreamy to work with"

Brett Johnson, Manager, Local Government of Queensland 

Plus, access new and improved Galaxies sites

The new Galaxies Designer on a Photon implementation reduces configurable options and instead, provides high-quality themes with a curated set of configurable options.

The easy-to-use interface within Jadu CMS enables you to apply the theme settings to your Galaxies site, in minutes.

Think of it as a suite of templates already designed for you.

What's next?

Catch up on the Photon webinar

Catch up and watch our crash course webinar with CMS Product Owner, Sarah, to find out how Photon works, who's using it and how you can get started. 

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We already have lots of answers to our most frequently asked questions about Photon. Have a read to find out more information. 

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