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Countless Galaxies

Jadu Central Content gives you access to the Jadu Galaxies module, enabling you to create, deploy and manage multiple sites from one centralised place.

More than simply ‘microsites’, Galaxies provide CMS solutions in their own right.  Galaxies can be spun up to give faculties and departments their own sites and Content Management Systems, within a private cloud of centrally managed sites.

The Jadu Galaxies deployment system provides non-technical tools and visual interface. Choosing from a collection of templates, microsites are built quickly and efficiently, without the need for expensive agency design and development.

The visit Bolton website displayed on a Macbook and phone, plus a nice cup of coffee

Pictured: Visit Bolton, a tourism example of a Galaxies site using the Dopetrope theme.

The Local Government Association of Queensland

The Local Government Association of Queensland (LGAQ) uses Jadu Central Galaxies and Forms to equip the majority of its member councils with global-leading technology and outstanding websites.

From small, remote indigenous communities in the far north, to the expansive western shires on the edge of the desert, to large urban councils located in the South East, Jadu Galaxies meet the needs of councils and those they serve.

As a result, Queensland councils of all shapes and sizes have the same access to a world-class Content Management System.

The approach is a comprehensive re-imagining of digital services and better supports council operations, communications, and service delivery.


Mount Isa City Council and Fraser Coast Regional Council's websites


Pictured: Mount Isa City Council and Fraser Coast Regional Council's websites, two of more than 50 LGAQ sites powered by Galaxies.

It’s more than just new websites, the new platform builds connections for councils, empowering teams to tell great local stories and access a growing library of digital resources.

Greg Hallam, CEO, LGAQ

Bringing sites back into the fold

Warwickshire County Council had seen various sites spring up across council services over the years. As part of its move to Jadu CMS, it wanted to identify and bring those sites “back into the fold”.

Some were incorporated into the newly designed Warwickshire.gov.uk, but others still warranted their own websites.

Eight sites have been moved (or are in the process of being moving) so far, including Warwickshire Pension Fund, ACE Adoption and Quit4Good, and six new sites have been launched, including AAA compliant sites (the highest level of accessibility): Skills Hub, Stay Safe and Eliot Park Conferencing.

A variety of Warwickshire's Galaxies sites on various devices

We wanted to keep the people behind those sites enthused and in control of their online presence but to bring them back within the council’s framework. Jadu Galaxies provided the perfect solution. We created Galaxies, based on proven themes, and ensured the various teams could continue publishing and managing their own content, all on the one platform and under one umbrella.

Paul Inman, Technical Specialist, Warwickshire County Council

The benefits of Jadu Galaxies

  • Unlimited websites with dedicated Content Management Systems 
  • Empowered departments and faculties (with centralised control)
  • Quick and efficient builds (with access to templates) 
  • Cost efficient (reduced agency design and development spend)

Key features

  • Cloud based, multi-tenant Software as a Service (SaaS) delivery: Build a private cloud of websites, which are centrally managed
  • Visual interface: Choose from a collection of default templates
  • Content pack creation: Migrate navigation structures and content across multiple sites and tailor appropriately
  • Admin privileges: Password protect and manage users on each Galaxies site with administrator privileges
  • Multiple URLs: Redirect a specific URL or create a number of aliases