Web Content Management

A flexible platform to make beautiful websites

Three websites powered by Jadu CMS

Powered by Jadu CMS, American Dickinson College, Scottish tourism site Angus Ahead and English city Manchester City Council.

Providing a flexible platform, Jadu CMS empowers organisations of varying sizes within government, higher education plus solutions for commercial and not for profits.

Non-technical publishing

Sophisticated, yet simple to use web-based publishing tools enable non-technical authors to easily publish information.

Workflow and permissions management are simplified to ensure that the right people publish the right information in the right place and at the right time.

Jadu Homepages

You are empowered to create stylish mash-up pages that require minimum maintenance, without losing their value.

Deploy widgets that can surface content and data from other systems and websites. Download and create new plugins and widgets from the Jadu MarketPlace.

Jadu Galaxies

The creation of multiple CMS’s from where unlimited public facing websites can be published is possible with Jadu Galaxies.

More than ‘microsites’, Galaxies provide CMS solutions in their own right to be rolled out and managed by other departments of your organisation.

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