Jadu CMS

Enterprise web content management

Providing a flexible platform for information management, Jadu CMS is designed for and used by organizations of varying sizes within government, higher education, commercial and not for profit sectors.

Jadu CMS can be deployed in many ways to suit the strategic requirements of your business and its technical architecture, and features a comprehensive suite of non-technical applications covering:


  • Publishing
  • Search
  • Commerce
  • Web analytics
  • Workflow and administrative privileges
  • User generated content
  • Social computing capabilities
  • Online HR
  • Intranets
  • Online forms

Publishing and performance

Jadu CMS enables non-technical content contributors to easily publish information in a web-based environment, that offers workflow control and web standards compliance.

Unique visual template design tools enable your CMS users to design powerful web interfaces and key pages for your site (section homepages, landing pages, marketing pages), through dragging and dropping page elements into a visual editor from where content can be added and styles assigned.

Built using web standards and industry best practice, all Jadu sites are accessible from any web-enabled device and optimized for search engine visibility. Jadu CMS's publishing workflow includes metadata tagging requirements that conform to official metadata standards.

Jadu CMS's taxonomy-driven sites enable seamless joining up of related content items throughout your site, with pages in different site categories displaying additional relevant information across downloads, FAQs, online forms, blogs, news, events and directories.

The inclusion of breadcrumb navigation and dynamic sitemap creation are standard features of the Jadu CMS, ensuring search engine visibility of all the URLs in your site.

Publishing and administration

Publish information quickly and easily in a web-based environment that offers workflow control, web standards compliance and a toolbox of administration utilities.

Marketing and personalization

The Marketing module gives you the ability to communicate with customers based on their registered interests.


The creation and deployment of multiple CMS’s from where unlimited public facing sites can be published is possible with Jadu Galaxies.

Jadu XForms Professional

Jadu XForms Professional is an enterprise level form creation and management platform. When compared to other forms delivery platforms, XFP provides huge savings in times/costs.

Jadu Mobile Web

The Jadu Mobile Web platform provides powerful, non-technical management tools to control and deliver a rich mobile customer experience.

Jadu Rupa Search Portal

Jadu Rupa Portal for Google Search Appliance can be deployed on your organization’s public facing sites to improve the search experience for both existing customers and new visitors.


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